2023 Earth Day Worship Links & Resources

Thanks for registering ahead of time to use components of Lutherans Restoring Creation’s 2023 Earth Day Worship Service! Below is the link to a shared file with the worship components.


We are honored to be able to provide this service for you and your congregations at no cost. We hope that you will  consider donating to Lutherans Restoring Creation to bolster our continued grassroots ministry work in creation care. We welcome any level of support, and suggest an offering of what your Church Council would provide to a supply preacher.

To get your church community engaged before, during, and after Earth Day, try to gather people together, even if just at a coffee hour.  Consider the ideas here and reach out for help:  Gather Together!  We hope this service helps with your worship planning in this busy season and leaves your congregation inspired to join LRC in our shared call to care for creation!