A place to commune for now…

Hi House of Prayer family (and any visitors!)

During this time of patchwork efforts as we navigate new tools and ways of being together I offer this “place” for now to keep adding tools so that you can take what you wish and utilize for an at-home worship/meditation. I hope that it helps to hear Pastor’s voice, know that the piano music comes from Lenae’s fingertips, and Kristen’s consistent efforts are still guiding us through worship every week in the attached bulletin. Our efforts in the community will only continue to be needed – and YOU are a part of our strength. Keep feeding your spirit so that you can be a help to others. Even apart, we are at work together through the body of Christ.

Below are this week’s (March 22. 2020) resources to pick/choose from. Just click on each and it should open automatically. Please contact me if you need help opening something. – Phoebe at phoebe@lutheransrestoringcreation.org

Please remember friends – especially when we all aren’t there in person, your donation is a way to contribute your gifts to our community even while at a distance. Here is an easy link to make a secure online donation to House of Prayer. Or just send a check to 916 Main Street, Hingham MA 02360.