Actions for a Just Transition to a Healthier Climate for All

Lutherans Restoring Creation encourages synod-wide groups and congregations to submit the following Memorial to their Synod Assemblies to vote on and then refer to the Churchwide Memorials Committee for review during the Churchwide Assembly in the summer of 2022. (See outline of “How” here – Please download and share.) 

Memorial [Template] Calling for A Just Transition to 50% Reduction in US Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2030

Please check out the materials and resources mentioned in the associated Connections Calls posts and recordings* to immediately start committing to the action steps your Congregation/Institution can launch/continue which live out the intention of the Memorial.  Our actions should speak louder than our words.  Stay in touch with us and submit your Action Plans, stories, press releases, etc. so that we can help amplify and inspire others.

*    > August Call/Post: Why a Memorial? How does it fit in with part of this ministry? 
> September Call/Post: Tools to Reduce our Impact as Institutions/Groups/Individuals
> October Call/Post: “People in our Neighborhood” Help Sustain this work. 


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