Actions for a Just Transition to a Healthier Climate for All

ELCA commits to being a role model in urgent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions! 

Congratulations to all the green teams, dedicated activists, and ELCA Church-wide voting members who made this possible.  Read text of approved language here (click) or watch recording of session:

We have a specific call to action in all expressions of our church life together: please contact us to request be on a working group and follow the LRC Climate Advocacy/Just Transition via Facebook.  Thanks to team chair, Harold Vanicek,

What is this all about? 

Lutherans Restoring Creation, together with synod teams across the ELCA, called for urgent action on climate change at the upcoming 2022 Churchwide Assembly.  Check out this list of submitted resolutions and memorials which include calls for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions via specific legislative policies as well as encouraging and equipping individual congregations to reduce harmful consumption habits. In all cases we recognize that our role includes protecting marginalized communities as we make these transitions.

We asked Voting Members of the ELCA to please consider the following:

  • What is a “Just Transition to a Sustainable Future” ? ELCA download
  • Consider making a motion to amend the en bloc affirmations made by the Memorials Committee (see linked pages) in order to specifically request that an Energy Stewardship Loan Fund and Grant be developed to ensure the intentions of these efforts are bolstered by practical tools in addition to our theological and ethical foundations.
  • Notice the reference to Fund/Grant ideas in the most recently submitted Memorials: South West Texas Synod Memorial North East Iowa Synod Memorial
    While the specific request for an Energy Grant/Fund was not explicitly detailed, the ultimate ask to “walk the walk” beyond talking the talk is clear for our church leaders and budget-makers. 

If you agree that our church needs to “walk the talk,” please help us share this information to make the vote live out in action:

If you want even more background information: 

Please refer to this Shared Drive for more information collected from teams across the nation hoping to see our church nationally take swift action and invest in supporting one to share God’s resources well. Feel free to reach out for advice/support as to how to contact them and share relevant information for them to consider –

The Memorial Template endorsed by the Lutherans Restoring Creation Board in Dec. 2021:

Memorial [Template] Calling for A Just Transition to 50% Reduction in US Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2030

Also previously endorsed Carbon Fee & Dividend Memorial and all related FAQs on this resource page (click).

Please see Notes Version of the 50% by 2030 Memorial here as the dialogue evolved
Q&A Highlights re: Reducing Justly here sheets created by SW Texas Synod team may help you: HERE (references their 2 related memorials seen here)

More reference notes:

March 16, 2022: See Memorial submitted to the Greater Milwaukee Synod Assembly – this clarifies a specific path for ELCA operations to include mechanisms for investing in an emissions reduction plan.  The “Just Transition” Memorial is outward facing (encouraging advocacy & education). This additional Memorial is aimed at specifically detailing how the ELCA can model the behavior it purports to esteem.
Feel free to use this template as well (please add comments if you decide to propose this to your assembly as well)!

For more background conversations and resources associated with development of this proposed Memorial explore Connections Calls posts and recordings*.

Our actions should speak louder than our words.  Stay in touch with us and submit your Action Plans, stories, press releases, etc. so that we can help amplify and inspire others.

We suggest these faith-based and secular organizations who are doing this work and may have resources and opportunities that suit your local context or current congregational work:

Lutheran World Federation, Ethnic Specific Ministry Association of the ELCA, Green the Church, ecoAmerica’s Blessed Tomorrow, ACT Alliance, GreenFaith, Creation Justice Ministries, The Sunrise Movement, Hip Hop Caucus,, Dream Corps, Poor People’s Campaign, America is All In, US Climate Action Network, NAACP, Citizens Climate Lobby, Third Act, World Resources Institute.

*    > August Call/Post: Why a Memorial? How does it fit in with part of this ministry? 
> September Call/Post: Tools to Reduce our Impact as Institutions/Groups/Individuals
> October Call/Post: “People in our Neighborhood” Help Sustain this work.