Actions Speak Loudly! Consider all the ways your church interacts with God’s Good Creation. Celebrate, share, and commit to more!

Celebrate (and commit to more) by using this form and the resources linked within:

CLICK HERE and pick Creation Care goals proposed, in process, or met for each facet of your church life.

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Let the Lutherans Restoring Creation network help:

Explore past  Connections Calls or be sure to join one next month’s gathering

Search the Map of Creation Care Ministries to find advisors, speakers, local support, etc.

Once you hit “submit,” your Action Plan will appear here: Lutherans Restoring Creation Share Board

On the share board, double click any card to see more about each church/organization or use the filter tool to find others with specific interests or in particular regions. If you have any problems or questions with this form, email us for help.

Thanks especially to Resurrection Lutheran Church in Chicago (IL) and the ELCA’s World Hunger Grant program for supporting this initiative!