Amending the Christian Story: The Natural Sciences as a Window into Grounded Faith and Sustainable Living

After several years of research and writing and teaching, with worldview-altering insights into Nature’s natural sciences and life’s experience, “Amending the Christian Story” reframes and recasts God’s story of life and God’s story of Jesus. This amending (and mending!) of Christian theology instills in the Christian community a fresh potential to become a living force for good in today’s challenging world.

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What others are saying:

“As our world desperately seeks a more inclusive story, Rude invites us to reimagine the sacred text of nature and divine wonder as a map for the human journey. This book is for anyone looking to make sense of the biblical narrative in light of the natural sciences and their own experiences.”
Peg Carlson-Hoffman & Chuck Hoffman, former Executive Directors, Holden Village (

“Rude challenges us to amend theology through consequential integration of cosmic and evolutionary science . . . Reimagining the Christian narrative through the lens of Abel and Cain, we must abandon broken symbols of original sin and atonement to re-center God’s mission on the sustainability of creation.”
Dr. Craig L. Nessan, Academic Dean and Professor of Contextual Theology, Wartburg Theological Seminary

“Is there another way to live? This book . . . questions the stories that have shaped our species and set us on an unsustainable and destructive path . . . Rude crafts an alternative story of God that ultimately responds with a definitive yes – there is another way to live. And not only that, but the call to live a different story is urgent for Christians who seek to be faithful to the Creator and creation.”
Rev. Jen Rude, University Pastor, Pacific Lutheran University

“In the face of the unprecedented environmental crisis, Rude challenges us to amend and mend the narrative dominating Christianity for centuries . . . He effectively lays out the need for a ‘two-way street’ between the sciences and the Bible leading to a world-altering view of our relationship to Nature.”
Dr. Glenn Schrader, Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering (ret.), University of Arizona, and current Seminarian

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