Advocating and Acting for Reducing Greenhouse Gases (Call-8/17/21)

A Call to Advocate and Act for the Reduction of Greenhouse Gases for the Health of All

Thanks to Pastor Jonathan Barker (Pastor at: Grace Lutheran in Kenosha WI and author of: Jesus Would Demand a Green New Deal) for his willingness to teach, preach, and witness! (Listen in to the discussion from 8/17/21 below.)  The Sample Memorial for Churchwide Assembly 2022 asks our ELCA Advocacy office to specifically advocate that government leaders and public servants prioritize a reduction of greenhouse gases by 50% no later than 2030.

Also thanks to the parallel efforts from:
Rev. Dr. Leah D. Schade (see her PowerPoint slides here)
Rev. Clinton Schnekloth (see Patheos post: What if the ELCA had a Climate Caucus?)
Leslie Sand and the Citizen’s Climate Lobby Lutheran Faith Action Team

What can YOUR church do?

Specifically for the Climate Emergency: Energy Stewardship & Advocacy
Invite your Church Council to affirm and act on our call to Care for Creation (see kit) and let’s prove to our churchwide voting members by 2022 that if these congregations can do it, then the entire ELCA institution should follow their lead.  All while ensuring the church advocates for governing/infrastructure to allow for emission-reduction economies so that all are empowered and enabled to be part of the solution.

Explore past synod and church-wide eco-justice resolutions (here). 

Learn more about:
> Budget Reconciliation and Climate Change – August 16, 2021 article from American Progress
> the official ELCA stance on various potential solutions to our carbon-based economy (here)
> various church-led efforts to reduce fossil-fuel dependency (here). 

Listen in to the conversation from August 17th, 2021 below and Next Steps 9/28 Call (here):