Carbon Issues

Going Carbon Neutral: How to Reach Our Goal to Care for God’s Creation

In 2017, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) passed a watershed resolution that encouraged the church to reach carbon neutrality by 2030 to reduce our carbon footprint and serve as better stewards of creation. This means that we will no longer be contributing carbon emissions to the atmosphere. But how can we reach carbon neutrality? This webinar by Green Chalice shares success stories, guidance, and tools to achieve carbon neutrality through our ecumenical partners in Blessed Tomorrow, Creation Justice Ministries and Interfaith Power and Light.

Christians Climate and Culture with Katharine Hayhoe

Since the time of Galileo, science and faith have been framed as two opposing, or at best, non-overlapping systems. Skepticism about the effects of climate change—exhibited by many Christians in the U.S.—perpetuates this perceived warfare between science and religion. Mounting scientific evidence clearly documents the risks posed by climate change to the poor, the needy and other vulnerable populations – the very people Christians, and other communities of faith, are called to love. Regrettably, those who deny climate change often believe they are in the right, making a moral stand. Combining basic tenets of the Christian faith with recent findings from the areas of climate science, psychology and sociology, Katharine Hayhoe—a world-renowned climate scientist and an evangelical Christian—will discuss potential reasons for these disagreements and the role that shared values may play in moving us forward past these barriers. This lecture is in part made possible by the Center for Healthy MInds' Loka Initiative, the University of Wisconsin–Madison Lectures Committee, the Center for Religion and Global Citizenry, Upper House and the Outrider Foundation.

Katharine Hayhoe Assailed by Angry Climate Denier in Austin

CCL Training: The Economics of Carbon Fee & Dividend Policies

Join Robert Archer, US-AID economist (retired) and CCL Economic Policy Network contributor in a presentation on new ways of thinking about the key components of the three dimensions of CCL's flagship policy. Core Volunteer Training is a webinar series to help newer CCL supporters connect with each other from across the world and empower them to achieve their larger goals for climate advocacy. Skip ahead to the following section(s): (0:00) Introduction (2:41) The Fee (15:08) The Dividend (20:18) The Adjustment (27:50) Final Summary Presentation Slides: CCL Community Training Page: