Lots of plastic bottle garbage on messy ocean coast.

Plastics have been around for around 100 years, but the their exponential use in the past century has serious consequences for all of creation. It’s in our water, our landfills and even in our bodies. Plastics, particularly single-use plastic, threatens the environment at every stage of its lifecycle, from production to disposal. As people of faith,Read More →

The Lead-Free Superhero! We were honored to have Aiden and Deanna Branch share their experience growing the Coalition on Lead Emergency with their church community.  We had a great conversation about how critical the act of hospitality and generous love is in and outside of the church.  We thank you all for your witness andRead More →

Thanks to Wilbur Holz in Rapid City, SD for sharing this example and resource: Trex https://www.trex.com/ the decking company has a program for recycling plastic. If 500 pounds is collected in a community a bench will be donated. Trinity has started collecting plastic. Some of our members have talked to local businesses and have collectedRead More →

LAMPa Director Testifies on Methane Reductions Statement of the Rev. Amy Reumann, Director, Lutheran Advocacy Ministry in Pennsylvania at the EPA Hearing on Proposed Methane Emissions Reduction Rule for Oil and Gas Operations. Push Congress to improve clean air standards” (OpEd piece from The Capital Times, Madison, Wisconsin.)Read More →

Caring for Creation means we care about keeping our land, food and water free of toxins and plastics that disproportionately affect marginalized communities. Browse our materials below on toxins/plastics!  Read More →

The National ELCA Office of Advocacy offers updates from what’s going on in our capital and news from various affiliate offices around the country. Be sure to stay up-to-date with your area by signing up for these – CLICK HERE.        Read More →