The Central States Synod has passed a resolution for Peace and Justice in response to the loss of human life around the world including Gaza, Ukraine, and Syria. The destruction of war has devastating implications not only for humans but the rest of Creation as well. The resolution lists damage to water, air, soil asRead More →

Congratulations to another synod making the commitment to Care for Creation! In 2023, the Northeastern Iowa synod’s assembly voted to affirm ELCA’s Climate Care Social Message and commit to reducing Greenhouse gases by 50% by 2030. We welcome their partnership in the Care for Creation Network and look forward to the changes they will makeRead More →

The Virginia Synod has voted in favor of becoming a synod partnered with Lutherans Restoring Creation! Their existing team “Tapestry,” which considers different “threads” of justice in the VA synod, has a “Care for Creation” facet which helped them easily align with LRC values. This resolution re-affirms their commitment to be environmentally friendly stewards ofRead More →

Congratulations to the Southwest Washington Synod for passing a resolution to care for creation! In 2023, this synod’s assembly voted to affirm the ELCA’s commitment to care for creation as expressed in the 1993 Social Statement and 2022 commitment to reducing greenhouse gases. This works with the long-standing promise in their mission statement to “live inRead More →

a flood of water showing just the tops of cars

Rev. Matthew Zemanick, Program Director, Lutheran Disaster Response Initiatives joined us to consider all the ways we can “lend a hand” before, during, and after a natural disaster.  The work of educating our communities and and getting to know the people and resources in them are critical aspects of disaster preparedness  – and often theRead More →

As institutions and individuals we have a hard time understanding and being in control of how our money is used as consumers and investors. On March 22, 2022 we heard from few fellow Lutherans (who are) Restoring Creation as to resources they have found helpful, networks they are a part of, and potential techniques weRead More →

A Call to Advocate and Act for the Reduction of Greenhouse Gases for the Health of All Thanks to Pastor Jonathan Barker (Pastor at: Grace Lutheran in Kenosha WI and author of: Jesus Would Demand a Green New Deal) for his willingness to teach, preach, and witness! (Listen in to the discussion from 8/17/21 below.)  TheRead More →

Listen in to our discussion with Ruth Ivory-Moore, ELCA’s Program Director, Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility Focus: Just Transitions What does this term mean? How do we discuss these issues in love and faith and move forward together? Check out this resource out of the Advocacy Office: “Just Transition to a Sustainable Future” Read more aboutRead More →

The general call to to action is simply: “Stay Home”.   However, many can’t heed that call, even if they wanted to.  When we are asked to care for our neighbors by stepping back,  what are other ways we can lean in to understanding each other and practice moving  forward in action? The following is aRead More →