A landscape with a city above a forest. An overlaid bar graph shows emissions reducing over time.

The ELCA has called for a 50% reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emission by 2030! There are so many resources to help individuals and groups reduce their contributions to greenhouse gas emissions. While we all can advocate for better government and corporate decision-making, we have the agency to model better stewardship. Just jump in, pick aRead More →

In March of 2023, ELCA churches across Northeastern Minnesota’s EcoFaith Network shared inspiration and resources regarding their teams’ exciting new initiatives as they utilize their grounds for sharing Good Green News.  Follow the work of this thriving network of churches on their site here: http://ecofaithnetwork.org/  Listen in their stories below and see more supporting resourcesRead More →

This interview led by ELCA’s Sustainability Associate, Adele Bodog, follows Donna Pellegrin Permaculture design certificate holder, who uses her certification to conduct work on her church’s property and Larry Herrold, a second-year seminarian at United Lutheran Seminary, as they discuss their experience in Permaculture and steps to designing and financing food forests.Read More →

St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, Columbia, MO – Forty eight people participated in an intergenerational planting of native Missouri shrubs in our church’s Rain Garden to culminate our 2022 Earth Week theme, “Honoring Our Sacred Trust: Caring for God’s Creation Now and For Future Generations” https://www.saintandrewslutheran.org/Read More →

Trinity Lutheran Church volunteers have maintained a vegetable garden at its location for 8 years. More recently, volunteers from the 301 Faith Partners work together seasonally, enjoying conversation while tilling the soil – planting and harvesting vegetables to be shared at 3 congregation services as well as distributed to the local food bank. Visit theirRead More →

Here is a link to an article about our newly dedicated urban farm, a collaboration between our seminary and Axiom Farms, a federation of Black farmers in South Carolina. https://www.lr.edu/news/food-and-faith-formation-ltss-combats-food-deserts-through-farm-table-initiative   –submitted by Jennifer ShimotaRead More →