Make a personal covenant with creation to live green, click here to complete an online form, your own personal covenant with creation: Personal Covenant with Creation

These resources can help you carry it out:

Connect Your Faith to Care of the Earth
Why Lutherans Care for Creation

Ecological Christianity through Luther’s Small Catechism

Devotional materials

Stewardship of Creation: A Thirty Day Discipline

Devotional Resources on the Bible and Ecology 

There are voices across the ELCA calling for a reformation of the church to encompass care for all of God’s good creation. We have spent centuries rightly nurturing our relationship with God (Love God) and one another (Love your neighbor). However, we have neglected God’s relationship with creation, our relationshipRead More →

We encourage ourselves as individuals —at whatever age, economic level, ethnic group, or walk of life—to care for creation in our personal lifestyle, in our homes, and at our work—knowing that our habits and practices can contribute significantly to care for creation. We seek to foster a closer relationship with nature so that we can live simply and walk lightly upon Earth. 

Click here for ideas about how to bring creation care into your home and/or work life. Visit the links below for more ideas and inspiration: