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Connect with Lutherans Who are caring for creation!

Connect with other caring for creation Lutherans by joining one of our monthly connection calls, sharing your stories in our Good Green News emails (be sure to sign up as a friend of LRC to receive these messages!), asking your council to sign a “Covenant with Creation,” sharing about your work at your next synod gathering, or by investing in our work with a donation.

Congregational Covenant and Organizing Kit

Congregational Covenant and Organizing Kit

What can you do?  AFFIRM: Personally, with your church council, or entire synod, review our ELCA's 1993 call to action and ...
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Donate and Help Us Grow Change!

Donate and Help Us Grow Change!

Become a member today and help us equip and inspire pastors, youth leaders, students, and congregations across the country! You ...
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Listen, Share, Connect!

Listen, Share, Connect!

Join our call to hear from "Green Shepherds"* across the country by registering (for free) here. We will send you information ...
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Donate and Help Us Grow Change!

Become a member today and help us equip and inspire pastors, youth leaders, students, and congregations across the country!

You can read (here) about how this movement emerged over 25 years ago.  Looking ahead, we need you to know that this effort is made possible through the generosity of individuals who believe that our Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) should be doing more than they already are to integrate Care for Creation ethics and actions into the life of the church.  We run as independent non-profit, with an active Board of Directors and are sustained by a growing membership base.  Please join us as we need you now more than ever!

Simply donate online via our secured site (here). You may also mail a check made out to “Lutherans Restoring Creation” and send to: LRC c/o Phoebe Morad, 22 Waldron Road, Braintree MA 02184.

See what we have done and consider what else we can accomplish with your support! 
Please share with your congregation, friends, and family. 

For more information please contact, Phoebe Morad, Executive Director at 617-599-2722.

Want to be a Green Shepherd for your Synod?

Visual Map: What is a Green Shepherd? Click here.

Or… if you prefer words:

What is a Synod-wide LRC Liaison?

As a Synod-wide LRC Liaison, you are the point person for communication between Lutherans Restoring Creation (LRC), Advocacy and Stewardship outreach from the Evangelical Church in America (ELCA), your local ELCA synod staff and any existing green teams/LRC-affiliated congregations and “Friends of LRC” within your synod.  You should maintain and frequently share a digital list of the people who have expressed interest in this ministry at gatherings/assemblies/social media and ensure that LRC can connect them with information from throughout out network. LRC has official software which can maintain the privacy and integrity of the lists (none are shared or sold) and will relay contact information of local leads to you periodically.

Offering a quarterly conference call to connect the “green sheep” in your synod helps maintain interest and gain on momentum. Figure out what manner your existing flock is most interested in using to stay in touch with one another. Creating a Facebook page or Google group can aid in staying connected between calls. Ensuring a group presence at synod events and encouraging gatherings to follow an earth-keeping manner in assembling is another responsibility that you, or a member of your team, is encouraged to take on (and use the MANY templates on the LRC site to follow for an effective workshop).

Your role is to welcome newcomers to your group and ask for help in specific tasks if fundraising or outreach is needed. Also identify whether your synod would benefit from a retreat or training to equip, enlarge and direct more action within the synod or region. Contact Phoebe Morad to work out plans, find facilitators, make connections or just bounce ideas off of: 617-599-2722.



Listen, Share, Connect!

Join our call to hear from “Green Shepherds”* across the country by registering (for free) here. We will send you information including the call-in details for our periodic conference calls with others in the ELCA working in this ministry at various levels!

Check back soon for the time of our Next Connections Call

June Recorded Call:  Thanks so much to Shay Gabriel O’Reilly (Organizing Representative, Sierra Club) who shared experiences of bringing people together to find common ground after truly hearing from one another.
Just hit play (here) to listen & share!

May Recorded Call: Advocacy vs. Politics – recording and resources (click here). 

April Recorded Call:  Getting Creative with Creation Care – we discuss the parallels between the Green New Deal aspirations,  Earth Charter ideals, and the concept of Jubilee.  Listen in (click here)  and/or (click here) see more resources mentioned during this call.

March Recorded Call: Nicole Newell, Hunger Fellow in the CA Public Policy office (read more about her here) shared scripture, realities about neighbors, and practical ideas regarding our faith connection to foodListen in here (Nicole starts at minute 16)

February Recorded Call:  Hear from congregations and synods across the country about what they intend to do for the season of Lent and for Earth Day 2020.  Listen in here. 

January Recorded Call:  A report from the 2019 Lutheran Disaster Response Convening and suggested resources (along with sharing good green news from the 20+ habitats we all represented!) Listen here and get links. 

December Recorded Call: Sharing of Good Green Gifts (see all related links here). And listen in to the whole conversation here!

November Recorded Call:  Deacon Laura Heller and the rest of team from the MD/DE Synod share how they have planted over 600 trees in their region! Also hear ideas about how to put this in perspective with  your setting. 

October Recorded Call:  Kim Acker (Grace Lutheran in Palo Alto, CA) shares her experiences with civil disobedience and how she’s found hope in learning about how the ground (soil specifically) is a climate solution right under our feet! 

September Recorded Call: about what “From the Bible to the Frontlines” might mean to us and how our faith influences our voice in the world (and vice versa). 

August Recorded Call:  we hear from people involved in the Sunrise Movement and some reflections on the Green New Deal. 

*What is a Green Shepherd?