GreenFaith Fellowship Program

The GreenFaith Fellowship Program is a wonderful, challenging 18-month program that prepares lay and ordained leaders from diverse religious traditions for religiously based environmental leadership. Through this program, GreenFaith offers a unique opportunity for educational, spiritual and vocational growth and skill development in religious environmentalism.

The Fellowship Program consists of three three-day residential sessions in varied settings (one urban, one rural/semi-wild, and one suburban), conference calls, mentoring, an e-mail list serve, a Facebook group, networking both within the program and at each Fellows’ local/regional level and reading/writing assignments before and after each retreat.

The Fellowship curriculum is designed to integrate historical perspectives, scientific information, socio-economic considerations, religious, ethical, spiritual and practical dimensions. It works with an expansive understanding of the “environment” which encompasses suburban, urban and indoor settings as well as wilderness or biodiversity-rich areas that are the focus of much traditional environmental work.

GreenFaith draws Fellows from a national audience of ordained and lay leaders, to be selected through a competitive application process. Each Fellowship class is intended to be diverse in ethnicity, geography, religious tradition, and socio-economic background.  Over 110 Fellows – from Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Unitarian Universalist backgrounds have taken part – from over 35 states, 3 Canadian provinces, and from Europe.

For over 6 years, the GreenFaith Fellowship Program has provided cutting-edge training to leaders from diverse religious communities.  We hope you’ll be interested in joining this special community.

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