EcoFaith Recovery Community or
P.O. Box 12612
Portland, OR 97212

Current Position/Vocation/Location

We are a leadership development community of lay and ordained volunteer leaders from various congregations based out of the metro-Portland, Oregon area.

Workshop/Lecture/Presentation titles

A growing list of speakers and presentation topics from the EcoFaith Recovery community can be found here:

A Small Sample of Topics Include:

·       Spiritual Practices for Awakening Leadership and overcoming Denial, Overwhelm, and Burnout

·       Relational Organizing to Unleash the Spiritual Power of Congregations in service of the recovery of human life and healing of God’s creation

·       Why the climate movement and faith communities need each other

·       Addicted to an Unsustainable Way of Life? Introducing a Recovery Model for Groups and Congregations

·       Taking the First Step: Addiction, Ecology and Recovery

Current Personal/Public Activity relating to ecology – Varied, see website

Links/Websites/Blogs highlighting work

Find various speakers from the EcoFaith community here:


“Together we identify existing and emerging leaders, develop our leadership potential through EcoFaith’s “Practices for Awakening Leadership,” and lift one another up to support our faith communities in taking courageous public action for the recovery of human life and the healing of God’s creation. The Practices for Awakening Leadership include spiritual grounding, relational practices, telling our story, rhythms of engagement, mentoring, and conscious leadership development. As we engage in these practices together, God renews our sense of hope, nurtures a healthy sense of leadership in us, and restores our capacity to make a difference in the world.”