Enchantments of the Mississippi: a contemplative journey of time and place (2022)

Thomas Becknell has taken a deep and lingering look into one of our greatest rivers. Folded into the ripples of water and time are stories upon stories, and Becknell brings to us their beauty as well as their relevance. Read this for the history, the drama, and the poetry. Read it for the writer’s voice, which leads us like a faithful, lively current, taking us to distinct points along the shore, to footprints and voices that belonged to us before we even knew them.
—Vinita Hampton Wright, author of The Art of Spiritual Writing

“I approach the Mississippi,” Becknell writes, “with a kind of holy terror.” Be forewarned: this quiet lyrical book will not be a travelogue. Far from it. Becknell sees the dark of the river as well as the light. He is open to its role in slavery, genocide, religious fanaticism. But he also finds spiritual enlightenment and companionship, as Longfellow, Twain and Thoreau whisper in his ear their visions of riverine grandeur. “I want to be spellbound,” Becknell adds. You will be, too.
—Sue Leaf, author of Minnesota’s Geologist:
The Life of Newton Horace Winchell

Thomas Becknell also wrote “Of Earth and Sky: Spiritual Lessons from Nature” (2001)  – a timeless resource for any Creation Care Ministry

Beautifully designed and illustrated, Enchantments of the Mississippi is published by Beaver’s Pond Press in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and distributed by Itasca Books.
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ISBN-13: 978-1-64343-760-6 • $15.95 paper • 208 pages