Sacred People, Sacred Earth

March 11, 2021 all-day

FROM GreenFaith:

  • What: Acting on our ten demands, grassroots faith activists are calling for climate justice. Following globally sensitive COVID-safe guidelines, we’re gathering in small, socially-distanced groups or virtually to activate our shared moral power for climate justice. Here are some tips for deciding what your action should be:
    • Choose one of the ten demands in the Sacred People, Sacred Earth statement that’s relevant to your community. For example, Australian religious communities are calling on their Prime Minister and Parliament to end new fossil fuel development.
    • Choose a local action to address your chosen issue. For example, faith communities in the U.S. are calling on President Biden to stop the Line 3 pipeline and build back fossil free.
    • Whether ringing a bell, blowing the shofar or conch shell, chanting, or meditating, be sure to post a photo online holding your sign with the #Faiths4Climate hashtag. Include your location, name of your religious or spiritual community, and your demand. You’ll find social media and other communications resources in this guide.
  • Who: Identify a local or national target for your action who has the power to effect change on this issue. This could be your city’s mayor, a national government, a bank, or any other specific person or institution.
  • Where: Select a location for your action. For example, your mosque, church, temple, or place of prayer; at home; or by a government office or site of environmental degradation. Choose a setting that you can access easily and safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • When: Actions held at your place of prayer or in a public space should take place at 11:00am in your time zone on March 11, 2021. This allows time for local media to cover what you are doing in time for their news cycle. Use the tools in this guide to publicize your action and to write your press release for  local media.
  • Why: People and planet face a vital threat and opportunity for renewal. Our moral imperative could not be clearer: religious and spiritual people must speak out on behalf of people and planet.
  • JOIN: don’t forget to register your event below. Our voices and actions together are powerful!