Free Lighting Upgrade

Thanks to Ken Furuyama from Faith Lutheran Church in Cambridge, MA for sharing this Good Green News (2022)

The process of making your church more efficient, using less electricity, can bring down costs and help the environment by using less energy. Replacing inefficient conventional bulbs with LED’s is an expensive and time consuming process. After researching the options I was able to connect with Eversource to find that our church was eligible for multiple rebates and incentives. The process starts out with reaching out to Eversource (or your local electricity provider) as a Non profit church indicating that you are looking to discover ways to save. For our Church Eversource connected us to AECOM and Desmonde started the process with a walk thru of our church. He noted all the electric fixtures and created the work order. Next we had the insulation contractor come in and he decided that he could not helps us, good to know. Then Viola scheduled a day to drop off all the replacement fixtures, finely the installers came. Two 4 hour visits later we had over $15,000 of upgrades installed. Even the hard to reach canister lights (in the picture) were replaced. We dropped our electricity bill by 1/3rd and at $0 cost to us. We even had the electricians comeback to repair an external light that had been replaced but was not working. So it turns out we where in the perfect zone for incentives and so the entire cost was covered. We now have lights that will last for over 10 years and that even have a warranty. This whole process started with a call to Eversource to see if they could help us to save some money.

Hope this helps, reach out to your provider because the squeaky wheel gets the grease!