How Do We Truly Commit to the Earth Charter?

During the 2019 Churchwide Assembly the ELCA voted to officially sign onto the principals of the Earth Charter. 

How does the Earth Charter fit into what ELCA has already committed to do and our way forward? (Click and share one-pager created by ELCA)

Now what? How do we all make sure we live this out? 

Thanks to funding from the Stewardship of Life Institute, Organizing for Mission, and the Central States Synod (CSS)  an inaugural group rallied together to be trained with community organizing skills to see that churches know how to live out these principals.  Throughout a time of COVID, these dedicated representatives from 4 synods (Maryland/Delaware, CSS, Metro NYC and New England Synod) met (safely) consistently with each other and with people in their community.  Learn more and follow this team on their group page:
Lutherans Embracing the Earth Charter!

Listen to them relate their learnings thus far during our Connections Call from February 22, 2022:
(Check back soon for handouts to share!)