Deaconess Katrina Martich, Commentary Curator

Katrina Martich is a deaconess, speaker, and consultant. Through her Living Connected project, she serves congregations and people of faith who want to develop creation care as a spiritual discipline woven through all they do. Her writing is available on her Facebook page and blog. Katrina is a consecrated deaconess by the Lutheran Diaconal Association and brings to her ministry over twenty years of practical experience as an environmental engineer in public and private sector positions. Katrina lives in Spokane, Washington, where she enjoys time on the trail, watching birds, or working to convert her yard into a thriving ecosystem. You can reach her at

Katrina also curates the commentary series for Lutherans Restoring Creation. We are continuously inviting new eco-theology commentaries that speak to today’s events and concerns. If you have have questions about our commentaries or would like to write one, email Katrina at