Kristina Johnson, Colleges and Universities Page Student Editor (past)

My name is Kristina Johnson. I am currently a student at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. As I have grown in both my faith and my passion for the environment, I have continually found ways in which the two intertwine. I find that there are many ways in which God is calling us to be stewards for the beautiful earth which he has created. I believe that creation care is not just something that we as Christians should do, it is something that we are called to do. This is why I am currently pursuing a double major in Environmental Studies and Religion. I want to find a way to promote the development of sustainable practices, influenced and founded by faith.

At my home congregation, Hosanna Lutheran Church, in Rochester, MN, I sought to promote this idea by developing a program called VBS Plus. This after-VBS program allowed kids to put the Christian call to care for God’s creation into action through faith-based environmental service projects. These little actions such as planting flowers, watering the Hosanna Community Garden, and picking up trash around the church introduced the importance of creation care to kids at a young age.

At Luther, I have worked to promote sustainability on campus in several ways. I have worked in the Luther Gardens, which seeks to promote eating local by growing produce which will be served to students in the cafeteria. I am also a student coordinator for Luther’s Cafeteria to Community program. With this, I help direct the volunteers that package leftover cafeteria food and I help deliver the frozen food to the First Lutheran Church food pantry in Decorah.

Throughout my daily life at both my home, and in my dorm, I see the importance of applying my faith towards my practices which impact the environment. Through actions such as: setting up a compost bin at home, sewing together reusable “paper” towels, or simply taking the few extra steps to turn off a light that nobody is using, I seek to carry out these practices not because I feel obligated to do so, but because I feel the call to care for God’s creation.