Lead-Free Superhero!

The Lead-Free Superhero!
We were honored to have Aiden and Deanna Branch share their experience growing the Coalition on Lead Emergency with their church community.  We had a great conversation about how critical the act of hospitality and generous love is in and outside of the church.  We thank you all for your witness and courage. Chat log with resources mentioned – Chat Log Feb 22 – 2023

Also hear their witness at the White House earlier this year: January 27, 2023.

Their voices are also part of the Talks at the Desk Series from the African Descent Ministries (be sure to see and share the entire series here).

Their home church, Hephatha Lutheran (Milwaukee WI),  is a genuine model of being church in the world:

Hephatha began in 1913 as a neighborhood congregation formed by German immigrants. We have been a neighborhood church our entire history, serving God and others on the north side of Milwaukee for 108 years. In the 1960’s, Hephatha became active in the Civil Rights Movement and remained a neighborhood congregation by going from a body of largely German congregants to a body of largely African American congregants. Hephatha remains to this day in and of our neighborhood, a sign of how God’s care for us is particular in nature and a sign of how God calls us to be part of the community on 18th and Locust.