Lenten Resource: Carbon Fast Calendar

Lutherans Restoring Creation encourages you to try one new practice every day that may prevent further desecration of God’s good Creation or harm to those in the wake of unjustly utilized natural resources.  Rather than giving things up – you will be taking on new habits that help us all!

2024 Carbon Fast Lent Calendar
Download & share within your congregations, synod, youth group, family, etc. !

As we recall Jesus’ 40 days of fasting in the desert, may this “Carbon Fast” not only strengthen our faith, but also prove that taking little steps toward environmental stewardship can have a big impact.

You can get started now by calculating your carbon footprint using the EPA’s Household Calculator or explore our other energy saving resources for buildings of all sizes here. 
Share your results with other members of your congregation and ensure your plans and goals are part of our Actions Speak Loudly! program.  See how, together as a community of faith and action, we are caring for God’s Creation in measurable ways.


Thanks to the creativity of Pastor Christyn Koschmann!