Local Electric Cooperatives as Tools for Equity and Healing

EmPOWER your community to communicate with who manages your energy!

Hear from Emilie Bouvier, Director of Organizing in the Minneapolis Area Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, share on experiences working with rural electric cooperatives as an exciting place to gain some traction and move the needle on climate and equity goals. She gives a great overview of the vocabulary and distinctions to be aware of when building a relationship with those that control your power grid!

Resources shared by Emilie Bouvier:

Slides from her Presentation

A Minnesota resource on energy democracy and rural electric cooperative (check out the report card project): https://mnlocalenergyproject.org/

A national policy coalition (hyper-local work with Rural Electric Cooperatives, garnering federal dollars through the infrastructure investments to support the clean energy transitions): https://www.ruralpower.us/

An “inclusive financing” approach to energy efficiency: https://www.communitypowermn.org/what_is_inclusive_financing

Resources shared from others on the call: 

Skim through the Chat Log for a lot of great conversation and links to resources regarding the topic: (Download Chat Log)

For recent  data on cost and investment value of clean energy (all sources cited) skim this presentation created by Public Citizen (skim for national data as you read about the case study of Texas).
Clean Energy: A Healthy, Affordable Solution for Texas
Thanks to the Lisa Brenskelle from Christ the King Lutheran Church in Texas for sharing!