Lutheran Theological Connections

Good Soil AA

Good Soil is an alternative version of the Christian story/message/claim. I'm interested in how the natural sciences interact with and ferment God's story of life and God's story of Jesus. The title "Christianity: A Re-Boot" is my way of saying it is time to think of the Christian Faith in a different way. This is a 5-part series - each part under 15 minutes. Find the Talks on YouTube at Good Soil AA, Good Soil BB, Good Soil CC, Good Soil DD, Good Soil EE.

Krost - David Rhoads Why We Don't Act and How We Can

The Krost Symposium is an annual academic event. This year’s theme, Environmental Justice: Texas Responses to Global Crisies, explores exactly what environmental justice is and how we can work together to solve current issues that will impact future generations. David Rhoads spoke to the audience via video conference. Texas Lutheran University students experience a challenging academic environment that sets a path for life-long learning. Our students engage in high-impact educational experiences that include civic engagement, aesthetic expression, critical thinking, and a focus on intercultural and global knowledge in a community that welcomes the interplay of faith and reason. Learn Boldly. Live to Inspire

God's work Our hands

ecoAmerica's Blessed Tomorrow program and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America are partnering to empower climate action and advocacy and advance climate solutions.

Lutherans Restoring Creation | Freedom of a Christian

Hear from LRC board member, Pastor Sarah Locke, about what it means to be a Christian freed in Christ, working toward the reconciliation of all creation.

Using Season of Creation Resource

Introduction to "Let All Things Now Living: A Worship & Preaching Resource for Season of Creation Year A." This resource was developed by the Creation Care Committee of the Northern Illinois Synod (ELCA) for use by congregations of the synod.

Caring for Creation: Urgency & Hope

A panel discussion on faith and the environment with these special guests: ​* Rev. Matt Byrd, Pastor, Christ the King Lutheran Church, West Chester, OH (01:42) * Kim Winchell, ​Deacon, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, ​and author of "Awaking to God's Call to Earthkeeping" (04:17) * Donna Pellegrin, ​Director, Youth for Monarchs (17:01) * Phoebe Morad, Executive Director, Lutherans Restoring Creation (30:20) This was recorded on June 12, 2020 and was one of the featured presentations of Monarch Fest 2020.

Season Of Creation Webinar "Jubilee for the Earth: New Rhythms, New Hope" (English)

Learn more of the #SeasonOfCreation celebration, from 1 September until 4 October.