In preparation for Youth and Young Adult Gathering 2024, Lutherans Restoring Creation is hosted an art contest!

Art Contest! • Prompt: A better Future for Creation • Submissions will be displayed at Youth/YA Gathering • Winners will have their design turned into postcards to send to legislators

We know the youngest in society live in trepidation of environmental devastation. So often our imagining of the future is informed by concerned citizens showing us the dangerous consequences of an unchecked climate crisis: drought, famine, natural disaster, war. While being informed is important, how often are we able to imagine a future that fills us with hope? Where God’s Vision for Creation, abundant and Good, is realized; where we live in community with our neighbors and ecosystems? This art project asks for young Lutherans across our nation to imagine a better future, inspired by the “solarpunk” movement.

Artists responded to two prompts. The first asked them to create an original landscape of a hope-filled and just future. Some made solarpunk-inspired and others focused on their own community.

Artists were also encouraged to re-imagine their church, town or community. Some made digital collages, and others drew or collaged over picture of their communities.

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