Mary Ann Harrison

Pr. Mary Ann Harrison is a TEEM Pastor in the ELCA. She has over 33 years of ministry experience across multiple denominations. Her focus is social justice and advocacy. She enjoys working with all ages but has a passion for working with the youth and the often overlooked elderly and individuals with disabilities.

Pr. Harrison currently serves a congregation that is involved with addressing food insecurity in a very marginalized area. She sits on the mission table for homelessness and poverty within the Twin Valleys Lutheran Parish. The table’s mission is to address issues of homelessness and poverty in the surrounding communities with love and care. They give assistance, advocacy and referrals to organizations that will help individuals be lifted and help secure stability. This includes offering meals, groceries, clothing, intervention programs for those who may have addiction barriers, connecting to services for housing, job training, re-entry programs, 12 step programs, mental health, and medical services. Pr. Harrison is involved with fundraisers that address the needs in the community and participates in events like walks, galas, and social media campaigns. Pr. Harrison also works with programs for the marginalized youth to offer them opportunities to experience events that they may not have otherwise been able to attend. Currently Pr. Harrison is also working to create a more inclusive and accessible space for all to enjoy. She is developing an ADA advocacy group to address the need for accessible spaces within congregations across the ELCA. Pr. Harrison is also part of the Climate Justice and Faith program with Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and works with other climate and environmental justice advocates to address the issues that affect our earthly home and all of creation.