Muhlenberg College President Kathleen Harring and Other Pennsylvania Leaders Urge Lawmakers to Accelerate State’s Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy

Muhlenberg College Interim President Kathleen Harring was one of 18 signatories of a letter sent in November to the Pennsylvania General Assembly urging lawmakers to enact market-based solutions aimed at reducing carbon pollution and increase in-state investment in energy efficiency, renewable energy and clean transportation.

In a news release announcing the efforts, Harring comments, “As an institution of higher education, we have knowledge and understanding of our most pressing environmental issues, including climate change. It is our responsibility to transform this knowledge to meaningful action, leading the way to a low-carbon clean energy future by supporting policies that will help us get there. These policies will enable us to use our campus as a living laboratory, provide opportunities for our academic programs and innovate in our physical operations in a way that can be replicated by others.”

In the letter, Harring notes that Muhlenberg’s environmental commitments include “reducing direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions and educating our campus community about these efforts as outlined in our Sustainability Strategic Plan. We have reconfigured our campus infrastructure, installed high-efficiency lighting, applied a variety of energy efficiency technologies, metered and measured our emissions and incentivized bikes and buses among other initiatives as part of our commitment.”

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