Craig L Nessan, Wartburg Theological Seminary
Wartburg Theological Seminary
333 Wartburg Place
Dubuque, Iowa 52003
(563) 589-0333

Current Position/Vocation/Location:

Professor of Contextual Theology and Ethics, Academic Dean

Wartburg Theological Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa

Relevant Publications by Speaker:

·       Shalom Church: The Body of Christ as Ministering Community. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2010.

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Current Personal/Public Activity relating to Ecology:

It is vital to integrate advocacy for creation with the work of peacemaking, social justice, and defending human dignity. These are four dimensions that constitute the matrix of God’s shalom. These four themes are interrelated and inseparable from one another as priorities for the church’s engagement as body of Christ. I am involved in these efforts through teaching, writing, and political advocacy.

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Summary Quote from Speaker:

“The impulse toward catholicity needs to be broadened to incorporate the horizon of all creation, if for no other reason than that we as humans are constituted of the same stuff as the rest of creation. The new creation certainly does include a new humanity in Christ, but this new humanity only survives in symbiotic relationship with the larger environment of which it has always been a part. What has been implicit for generations must now become explicit: the total dependence of humanity, and thus the church, upon healthy ecosphere. Shalom involves the restoration of life-giving relationships between humanity and all creatures, plants, and elements.”  Craig Nessan, from Shalom Church, p. 114