Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 50%

A landscape with a city above a forest. An overlaid bar graph shows emissions reducing over time.

The ELCA has called for a 50% reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emission by 2030! There are so many resources to help individuals and groups reduce their contributions to greenhouse gas emissions. While we all can advocate for better government and corporate decision-making, we have the agency to model better stewardship. Just jump in, pick a resource that fits your needs, and start some new practices!

STEP 1: Assess where you are at now (look at utility bills for the past year, or use a carbon calculator – see below)

STEP 2: Within the next 12 months, reduce your energy use by half (tools for how below)

STEP 3: Re-assess (look at your bills) the same time next year and commit to go further!


Helpful Tools as you Measure your Progress

Carbon emission calculators for buildings:
IPL Cool Congregations Calculators
EPA’s Energy Star Program

Personal/Household Tools:
EPA Household Calculator

Youth Group Energy Activities:
Energy Vampire Hunt
Energy Efficiency Scavenger Hunt from Sierra Club