Roanoke has new living space for eco-minded students

Roanoke College has a new housing community for students who are interested in saving the environment and have a passion for sustainability. Roanoke’s Residence Life and Housing department used information from a survey that was conducted regarding students’ satisfaction with on campus life, Ruel said. What she and others found was that students wanted a more environmentally sustainable presence on campus. In addition to the new eco house, Ruel started an Eco Rep program with Roanoke students last fall. The program is a branch of the College’s Neighborhood Council, which includes student representatives from the residence halls on campus.The eco reps meet bimonthly to discuss environmental-related activities that they can incorporate into their respective residence areas. Ruel said she hopes that the Eco House and Eco Rep program will create avenues for students to have more discussions on campus about sustainability. For more information on these efforts, click here.