Ron Rude, University of Arizona
3781 W Sallee Rd
Tucson AZ  85745
(520) 623-7575 (o)     (520) 240-0618 (c)


Most recently author of Amending the Christian Story (2021).

After seventeen years as Lutheran campus pastor (ELCA) at the University of
Arizona, Ron Rude recently retired to teaching and writing. He loves hiking,
travel, music, and history. Previous books include Abel Emerging (2010) and
(Re)Considering Christianity (2012). His passion is exploring the hard and soft
intersections between Christian faith and Nature’s natural sciences, and their
effect of these intersections on sustainable and faithful living.

Relevant Publications by Speaker

·       (Re)considering Christianity: An Expedition of Faith Joining Science, Ancient Wisdom, and Sustainability. Ron Rude. (Beaver’s Pond Press, 2012). Info at:

·       Abel Emerging: A Reconsideration of the Christian Story for a Sustainable World. Ron Rude. (Beaver’s Pond Press, 2010).

Workshop/Lecture/Presentation titles (can be customized for conferences 2-8 hours)

Christian Faith, the Natural Sciences, and Sustainability

Reformation 1517 … Since? … and Reformation 2017

The Story of Jesus in a 13.7 billion year old Universe

One Current Personal/Public Activity relating to eco-theology

Organic vegetable gardening, water harvesting, composting

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Reference/Testimony or link to biographical profile

“Ron Rude led an outstanding 3-hour Sustainability Workshop for our Racine interfaith group—ecologically informed, with biblical and theological foundations for creation-care, many creative insights for alternative thinking, and practical suggestions for action. The whole process was open and dialogical. To a person, participants were energized and inspired. They are now strategizing about how to build on his excellent work.” David Rhoads, Director, Racine Green Congregations (LSTC Emeritus Professor, New Testament)

Summary Quote from Speaker

“My particular skill is weaving indigenous wisdom, Biblical faith, Christian ministry, and the modern sciences (especially evolutionary biology, geology, astronomy, and paleoanthropology) into a thoughtful/practical and personal/public theology for faithful and sustainable living in God’s world today.”  Ron Rude