Rural and Small Town Conversations re: Creation Care

On June 26, 2022 our Connections Call considered how conversations about Creation Care in Rural & Small Town America are unique and full or opportunities. Listen in below and explore tools and responses below to apply to your context and grow from there!


Lisa Swanson Faleide (ND): Recent Master of Arts Graduate at Luther Seminary, Inaugural Participant in the Center for Climate Justice & Faith’s Certificate Program via Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and self described: “Writer, theologian, rural ethicist, independent scholar and folklorist focused on Plainswomen.”

Jeff Schlesinger (IL), is a LRC Board Member and chairs the program development committee. He ushered the development of the Creation Care Faith to Action Season of Creation worship resources (see here) as part of the Northern Illinois Synod team’s work.

CHAT LOG – download the conversation and find relevant articles/resources.