Seeing-Remembering-Connecting: Subversive Practices of Being Church (Wipf & Stock Publishers, 2016)

This book draws from Bloomquist’s many years and formative experiences as a pastor, theologian, activist, seminary professor, and speaker in a number of settings–both within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and ecumenically and globally. Drawing insights from many sources, Seeing-Remembering-Connecting proposes a new “church in society” framework, so that faith communities can engage and transform the urgent systemic injustices confronting us today.

This new framework, seeing-remembering-connecting, evokes ordinary practices that can engage those from diverse faith traditions and from no faith tradition, and points to the heart of what churches have long been about: God is becoming manifest in and through what these verbs imply–as transcendently immanent. Seeing-remembering-connecting is nurtured over the long term in faith communities, as they put together what is fragmentary or forgotten, point to what is true, and empower communities to see, remember, and act in organized actions with others–across boundaries of religion, geography, and self-interest.

Karen L. Bloomquist has served as a parish pastor in California, New York City, and Washington State, and as a seminary professor in Chicago, Dubuque, and Philadelphia. She has directed theological work of the ELCA (Chicago) and Lutheran World Federation (Geneva). Most recently, she served as Dean at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley. She has edited many books and written many articles. She is a member of the Eco-Reformation Speakers Bureau.

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