Suggested Hymns for the Second Sunday of Advent, Year C

Title ELW GTG Other
All Earth is Hopeful 266
Blessed Be the God of Israel 250,
Comfort, Comfort Now My People 256 87
Earth’s Scattered Isles and Contoured Hills SWMN 196
For Beauty of Meadows CH 696
God, Whose Farm is All Creation 734
God,You Spin the Whirling Planets 23
Light Dawns On A Weary World 726 79
Look and Learn SBL 24
Lord Our God, with Praise We Come 730
Lord, Your Hands Have Formed This World 554
On Jordan’s Banks the Baptist Cry 249 96
Prepare the Royal Highway 264 106
Restless Weaver CH 658
The Garden Needs Our Tending Now SWMN 21
There’s A Voice in the Wilderness 255
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