By Rev. Carmelo Santos, Ph.D. Find out more directly at: “Where does God live?” Has your child ever asked a tough question about life or faith that requires you to explain how your beliefs fit with modern day science? This devotional book for children is unique because it is authored by a mainline protestantRead More →

What does the Bible say about ecology? As people face huge ecological challenges–including growing hurricanes, floods, forest fires, and plastic pollution–the groundbreaking Eco Bible dives into this question. Drawing on 3,500 years of religious ethics, it shows how the Bible itself and its great scholars embrace care for God’s creation as a fundamental and living message. EcoRead More →

After several years of research and writing and teaching, with worldview-altering insights into Nature’s natural sciences and life’s experience, “Amending the Christian Story” reframes and recasts God’s story of life and God’s story of Jesus. This amending (and mending!) of Christian theology instills in the Christian community a fresh potential to become a living forceRead More →

We are trying to keep up with the many recent books that fellow Lutherans Restoring Creation recommend and/or offer. If you are familiar with working with website updates or willing to learn, please email us if you are able to help with this educational project! Please Submit a Volunteer Form Read More →