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[P] LSTC Professor Links Worship and Care for Creation

Eco-theologians and lay readers alike have a new, paperless way to learn about ecology and Christian worship. The Rev. Dr. Benjamin M. Stewart’s book A Watered Garden: Christian Worship and Earth’s Ecology is now available in a Kindle edition.

A Watered Garden links worship with God’s creation, drawing connections between the natural world and ecumenical patterns of worship. Stewart draws from his research at Emory University, where he was a Piedmont Fellow in Teaching and the Environment, and his years of scholarly work at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, where he is the Gordon A. Braatz Assistant Professor of Worship and dean of the chapel.

Stewart’s book, first published in a print edition in 2011, has received widespread praise. The Christian Century selected it as one of ten best new books in ethics for spring 2012. The magazine also featured excerpts from A Watered Garden as its cover story for its January 2011 issue.

“With elegance and delightful clarity, Benjamin Stewart has drawn many strands together to reveal the ways in which Christian worship shapes Christian care for this earth,” wrote Prof. Samuel Torvend of Pacific Lutheran University.

Larry Rasmussen, Reinhold Niebuhr Professor Emeritus, Union Theological Seminary, says, “This instructive little volume does just what is needed for Christianity’s ecological phase; namely, make the vital connections between classic elements of worship and care for creation as holy ground. To do so with water, but also food and our bodies themselves, brings power and connection to both liturgy and daily practice.”

Chaplain to Muhlenberg College Callista Isabelle adds, “Stewart balances a sense of urgency to care for the earth with a steady reminder of God’s promise of renewal made known to us in Christ’s resurrection. We are invited to draw from deep liturgical roots to care for the holy ground on which God has planted us—local community and global home.”

Stewart is currently writing a book proposing a liturgical theology of natural burial practices. The Kindle edition of A Watered Garden is available on Amazon (Augsburg Fortress, 2011, $8.99).

GreenFaith: Mobilizing God’s People to Save the Earth

GreenFaith: Mobilizing God’s People to Save the Earth gives concrete examples and tips that will help people of faith and worshiping communities engage in Earth care—in bold, life-giving ways. Each chapter has questions to guide personal study and group conversation.

Solar on religious facilities. Mass, multi-faith mobilizing. Spirituality that really brings people alive. The religious-environment movement is an awesome story.

Nobody tells it like Fletcher Harper, our Executive Director.

This spring, Abingdon Press released Fletcher’s first book – GreenFaith. Get your copy today and use it in a discussion group in your house of worship.

GreenFaith tells about outdoor spiritual experiences.Eco-teachings from the great religions. Congregations protecting the planet and reinvigorating their faiths. Activism that’s makes a major impact.

And with each chapter – discussion questions for small groups, and ways faith communities can get involved.

This is a great book at a critical time. I hope you’ll get GreenFaith today.

In faith,

Stacey Kennealy
Certification & Shield Director

Rev. H. Paul Santmire writes for the rest of us

Behold the Lilies: Jesus and the Contemplation of Nature:  A Primer  (2017)

Read a chapter: From Lake Wobegon to the Streets of Manhattan: Behold then Follow

Behold the Lilies, by the Rev. H. Paul Santmire, draws from the riches of the author’s long-standing work in the theology of nature and ecological spirituality, especially from his classic historical study, The Travail of Nature (1985), and from his Franciscan exploration in Christian spirituality, Before Nature (2014). In this new volume, Santmire maintains that those who would follow Jesus are mandated not just to care for the earth and all its creatures but also to contemplate the beauties of the whole creation, beginning with “the lilies of the field.” His first-person reflections range from “Scything with God” to “Rediscovering Saint Francis in Stone,” from “Taking a Plunge in the Niagara River” to “Pondering the Darkness of Nature.” Behold  the Lilies offers brief spiritual reflections that can be read in any order, over a period of time. This accessible primer will be welcomed not only by those who have already identified themselves with the way of Jesus but also by others who are searching for a contemplative spirituality attuned to global ecological and justice issues.

Creation-Crisis Preaching: Ecology, Theology and the Pulpit

author: Leah D. Schade

Informed by years of experience as an environmental activist and minister, Leah Schade equips preachers to interpret the Bible through a “green” lens, become rooted in environmental theology, and learn how to understand their preaching context in terms of the particular political, cultural, and biotic setting of their congregation. [Read more and buy.]