Guests and Hosts – Amy Carr reflects on humility and the company we value. Care for Creation Commentary on the Revised Common Lectionary  Readings for Sunday August 28 – September 3, Year C (2019, 2022, 2025) Proverbs 25:6-7 or Sirach 10:12-18 Psalm 112 Hebrews 13:1-8, 15-16 Luke 14:1, 7-14 In today’s gospel reading, Jesus uses theRead More →

Practice Resurrection – Tom Mundahl reflects on the story told by how we live. Care for Creation Commentary on the Common Lectionary Readings for the Day of Pentecost, Year B (2021, 2024) Acts 2:1-21 Psalm 104:24-34, 35b Romans 8:22-27 John 15:26-27; 16:4b-15 As he finishes one of his best-known poems, “Manifesto: the Mad Farmer Liberation Front,”Read More →