Title ELW GTG Other All Earth is Hopeful 266 Blessed Be the God of Israel 250, 552 109 Comfort, Comfort Now My People 256 87 Earth’s Scattered Isles and Contoured Hills SWMN 196 For Beauty of Meadows CH 696 God, Whose Farm is All Creation 734 God,You Spin the Whirling Planets 23 Light Dawns OnRead More →

Title ELW GTG Other A Thousand Stars     SWMN 186 Above the Moon Earth Rises     SWMN 20 As the Dark Awaits the Dawn 261     Creator of the Stars of Night 245 84   God Created Heaven and Earth 738     Lo! He Comes with Clouds Descending 435 348  Read More →

Our ecumenical companion site, www.LetAllCreationPraise.org , is maintained by long-time supporter and fellow Lutheran restoring creation, Nick Utphall. This site is an online library of commentaries, hymns, worship samples and devotions which speak to a wide variety of Christian faiths. Rev. Utphall is pastor at Madison Christian Community in Wisconsin. Check out their site forRead More →