Why bother with Advent? – Paul Santmire reflects on the start of Advent season. Care for Creation Commentary on the Revised Common Lectionary Readings for the First Sunday in Advent, Year A (2016, 2019, 2022, 2025) Isaiah 2:1-5 Psalm 122 Romans 13:11-14 Matthew 24:36-44 The season of Advent in NorthRead More →

To Climate Change Deniers and Climate Despairers – Amy Carr reflects on variable gospel notes to the hard of heart and to the worrywart. Care for Creation Commentary on the Revised Common Lectionary  Readings for Sunday August 21 – 27, Year C (2022, 2025) Isaiah 58:9b-14 Psalm 103:1-8 Hebrews 12:18-29Read More →

old white man in blue jeans and a long sleeved white shirt and baseball cap, swinging a scythe at flowering buckwheat

Written for younger generations of ecoactivists, Paul Santmire’s latest book, EcoActivist Testament: Faith Explorations for Fellow Travelers provides solace in a world in crisis. This is a “why bother” book, rather than a “how-to” or scholarly academic tome. Some notes from Paul… Why did you write this book? “Younger generationsRead More →

Part 1: “Francis: Prophet of God.” – Paul Santmire honors St. Francis of Assisi with a 3-Sunday commentary series. Care for Creation Commentary on the Common Lectionary  Note: October 4th is the Festival of St. Francis. This series affords the preacher an opportunity to address the texts of the threeRead More →

Join the Hymn of All Creation – Tom Mundahl reflects on ministering to creation as priests of God. Care for Creation Commentary on the Common Lectionary  Readings for the Fourth Sunday of Advent, Year B (2014, 2017, 2020, 2023) Isaiah 61:10 – 62:3 Psalm 148 Galatians 4:4-7 Luke 2:22-40 TheRead More →

white man in a white shirt, gloves, baseball hat and jeans in front of a field of buckwheat, swinging a scythe.

On Paul Santmire‘s website hpaulsantmire.net you will find videos about this octogenarian ecotheologian, including “My Life’s Work,” “Toward a Cosmic Christology,” and “Why should anyone listen to this old, white guy?” If you are interested in hearing more from younger ecojustice activists, and from Paul Santmire, he also has aRead More →