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Lisa Dahill, California Lutheran University

60 W. Olsen Road
Thousand Oaks, CA  91360
(614) 338-8130

Current Position/Vocation/Location

Associate Professor of Religion, California Lutheran University (2015- )

President, Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality (2014- 2016)

Associate Professor of Worship and Christian Spirituality, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, OH (2005-2015)

Relevant Publications by Speaker

Eco-Reformation: Grace and Hope for a Planet in Peril, co-edited with James B. Martin-Schramm.  Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock/Cascade, 2016.​

“Rewilding Christian Spirituality: Outdoor Sacraments and the Life of the World.” In Eco-Reformation: Grace and Hope for a Planet in Peril, ed. Lisa E. Dahill and James B. Martin-Schramm, 177-96.  Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2016.

“The View from Way Below: Inter-Species Encounter, Membranes, and the Reality of Christ.” Dialog: A Journal of Theology 53/3 (Fall 2014): 250-58.

“Bio-Theoacoustics: Prayer Outdoors and the Reality of the Natural World.” Dialog: A Journal of Theology 52/4 (Winter 2013): 292-302.

“Indoors, Outdoors: Praying with the Earth.” Shauna Hannan and Karla Bohmbach, eds., Eco-Lutheranism: Lutheran Perspectives on Ecology, 113-24Minneapolis: Lutheran University Press, 2013.

“New Creation: The Revised Common Lectionary and the Earth’s Paschal Life.” Liturgy 27/2 (April-June 2012): 3-16.

Workshop/Lecture/Presentation titles

Jesus Christ as Reality: Bonhoeffer and Ecology

Encounter: Christian Spirituality, Worship, and the Natural World

Wildness, Wilderness, and Justice

Baptism in/to Local Waters

Public Eucharistic Life

Current Personal/Public Activity relating to ecology

Biking as often as possible, getting to know the local watershed, water activism

Recent co-chair of the Lutherans Restoring Creation (LRC) Seminary Network

Links/Websites/Blogs highlighting work




Summary Quote from Speaker

“As our species faces crises of climate and justice unprecedented in our history, Christian incarnational spiritualities have much to offer. I want to invite listeners to discern a G*D  visible in, with, and under the biological texture of the planet, the particular rocks and insects and trees and waters of a given place, the faces of the most marginalized humans.”  Lisa E Dahill

Rev. Dr. Karen L Bloomquist, Theologian-at-large

428 Whitehall Road
Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 263-8209

Current Position/Vocation/Location

Theologian-at-large; San Francisco Bay area (previously in WA, Geneva Switzerland, etc.)

Relevant Publications by Speaker

·       God, Creation and Climate Change: Spiritual and Ethical Perspectives (editor and writer) (Lutheran World Federation Studies 2/2009).

·       Most of the many publications I have written for or edited through the years have focused on the church engaging with urgent current social, economic, political and ecological challenges.

·       Current book, Subversive Practices of Being Church: Seeing-Remembering-Connecting, gives attention to how the climate/ecological crises are structurally related to economic disparities and racial and other polarizations that need to be resisted and transformed through faith-based communities.

Current Personal/Public Activity relating to ecology

Helped initiate the interfaith movement (especially led by the Lummi Nation) of resistance to a coal terminal in NW WA. Various initiatives/activities in the Bay Area, as we deal with the effects of drought and inequality.

Links/Websites/Blogs highlighting work

On core group for the global project, “Radicalizing Reformation: Provoked by the Bible and Today’s Crises.” Its theses and publications: http://www.radicalizing-reformation.com/index.php/en/ . In 1517 Martin Luther began his 95 Theses with Jesus’ call for repentance as a change of mind, calling for repentance and conversion toward a more just society. Today, how can we draw from the root (=radical) of that Reformation, to engage the interconnected economic, political and environmental injustices that are so urgent now?

Condensed biographical profile.

I am a pastor/theologian who has taught at various seminaries, spoken in various venues, directed the development of the ELCA public witness (social statements), directed the theological department of the LWF (which included eco-issues and other global issues), and most recently was Dean at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary.   See www.lutheranworld.org/resources    www.elca.org/socialstatements

Summary Quote from Speaker 

How can practices such as “seeing-remembering-connecting” be nurtured over the long term in and through communities of faith, and lead more deeply into understandings and collaborative actions that subvert the interconnected injustices that now pervade all of creation? “ Karen Bloomquist