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Know trash? No trash! Try this youth program!

Put on a youth program about Trash!
How well do you know your trash? How can your youth group become more eco-friendly on the congregational level?
Lutherans Restoring Creation and Lutheran Community Foundation (now InFaith Community Foundation) worked together to provide an exhibit about Trash at the National Youth Gathering. 
Would you like to host a similar exhibit in your home congregation? 
Use our Know No Trash Manual as a launching off point (this PDF can also be downloaded from the bottom of this page). 
Movies about Trash
Additional Resources to explore your human footprint


Creation Care Congregation: Education Ideas

Education: “Know your traditions and your world”

Earthbound: Adult education for this six-part video series produced by the ELCA to explore the theological foundations of Earth care and to examples of Lutheran Institutions carrying them out.

“Caring for Creation.” Organize a forum or study group to read and discuss the ELCA Social Statement. Copies available from the ELCA with guide. See the 52 excerpts from this social statement for use for use in the church bulletin each week.

Awakening to God’s Call to Earthkeeping. A timeless four-session, small group study curriculum for adult forums. Or consider using the ELCA Lenten series “Creation Waits with Eager Longing”

Youth. Try the “Know Trash? No Trash!” program designed by Lutherans Restoring Creation, read stories from other Youth Groups, raise funds through a recycling program. More info here.

Children. Kid’s books abound with environmental themes (The Lorax, The Giving Tree, etc) but for integration of scripture try: I Love God’s Green Earth: Devotions for Kids Who Want to Take Care of God’s Creation by Michael and Caroline Carroll (Tyndale House Publishers, 2010). VBS guides from Lutheran Outdoor Ministries are adaptable to any venue – most are free to download!

Other: For example, organize forums with local experts or develop a Bible study.

For more information about Becoming a Caring-for-Creation Congregation, visit this page.



Care for Creation work is meant to especially serve youth as they are the ones inheriting this common home. These are some projects, stories, and resources that could be of special interest for young people and those who serve them.  Please send us your input so we can help celebrate successes and grow from each other’s experiences.


Older (2017 or earlier):

Wittenberg College Offers a Series of Global Education Events with a Sustainability Focus (2016)
Carthage College Strives to Practice Sustainability by Using Environmentally Friendly Building Materials
Numerous Schools Offer Students the Opportunity to Live in a Community Committed to Living More Sustainably
Cal Lutheran Student "Die-In" Advocated Climate Action (2015)
Wartburg College Offers Graduating Seniors the Opportunity to Make a Sustainability Graduation Pledge
Augsburg College Offers Course Titled: The Calculus of Sustainability (2012)
Wartburg College Offers A New Twist to the Common 3R's of Sustainable Living
Several ELCA Colleges Named in the Sierra Club's Top "Cool Schools" List (2017)
St. Olaf Natural Lands Play an Important Role in Conservation Efforts for Native Species
Youth Gather and We All Grow!
Lux Summer Theological Institute for Youth, July 15-July 29, 2018
Muhlenberg Students Compile a "Guide to Student Sustainability at Muhlenberg"
Featured School: Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA
Waste Reduction Efforts for Luther College Move Out Take Shape (2016)
Cal Lutheran hosts a talk to explore food, climate change link
Augsburg Awarded $475,000 to Help Infuse Sustainability Into All Facets of College Life (2017)
Know trash? No trash! Try this youth program!
Roanoke has new living space for eco-minded students
Pacific Lutheran University: The Fred L. Tobiason Outdoor Learning Center - A Habitat Restoration Project
Augsburg, Gettysburg, and Luther Colleges Strive to Reduce Food Waste While Helping the Community
Coming soon!