Thank you for registering to “join” us for worship Sept. 20th!

We are grateful that you plan to use the creation-focused worship service offered by Lutherans Restoring Creation based on the readings for September 20th.

Within the day we will email you a private link to the recording so you can preview it (and download it if you chose) before sharing it with your congregation.   But if you just want to embed the link to go out to your congregation or be ready for service here is the link to the YouTube Channel premiere site:

The file is HUGE and we may reach download quota with over 600 of you having registered already.

Be sure to add our email address to your contacts so that it doesn’t end up in spam:

Please share this free resource with your synod office and other churches as we are working hard to provide a dynamic and thoughtful service to our ELCA community – we want it to be widely utilized!