The Week: an experience for talking climate in community

“The Week” is a three-part group experience to help us clearly see what the climate crisis will look like and what we can do about it. It’s comprised of three episodes and three discussions, often (but not exclusively!) viewed within a week– hence the name. The three episodes follow a “U-shaped” journey; day one focuses on the hard truth of the climate crisis as we descend into what we face in the next 30 years, day two makes sense of this, and day three rises up and empowers us to do something actionable about it. It can be easily be implemented

In May 2024, we invited Robb Ryerse, US Program of “The Week” to tell us about it and we heard from a church congregation that used “The Week” to mobilize their community. See it here:

Ready to share “The Week” with your congregation? Check out how you can use it for FREE (donation-based) at:

Robb also shared with us a helpful kit for implementing “The Week” including tips and media. See it here!