A Spectrum of Tools to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Call-9/28/21)

What tools can churches and individual members bring to the table to achieve 50% Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2030?

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Also see materials and ideas shared during the August 17th Connections Call (click here).

Thanks to our speakers:

Advocate for Leadership
in GHG emission reduction via infrastructure changes.
Use our sample resolutions and memorials to bring these concepts to your next synod assembly and require the attention of your voting members.

Model Behavior in our Institutions/Congregations: Determine what your next most faithful step is according to the context of your congregation/institution. Outline of ideas here and in Jim’s slides (above).

Practice! as a matter of Discipleship in our Personal Lives.
Try any of the free options lifted up by Lisa and share how the process impacts your faith journey with your church family, on social media, via an op-ed or during Bible Study.