Updates from the Field (September 2023 Connections Call)

Listen in below to a gathering on Zoom where we hear suggestions and reflections from one another regarding our progress and challenges sharing Creation Care concepts in congregations and communities.  Also see below for various resources to get yourself started (or re-charged) in your context.

How do I navigate all the resources on this LRC site? Watch Online Tour (21 min)
or email: info@lutheransrestoringcreation.org

How can I set up an inviting Creation Care conversation at my church? Try: https://bit.ly/LRCTalks

How can I learn how to present the relationship between my faith, our church life, and climate change? Try: taking the Ambassador Training

How can we Shout Out what we have done (or plan to do) for Creation Care to inspire others and stay networked? Try: Actions Speak Loudly!