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Introducing the Season of Creation - Introducing the Season of Creation! Four weeks of Bible readings included in the Pentecost 2, 2011 Seasons of the Spirit resources that concentrate on God's creation and our relationship with it. For more information visit

Season of Creation ~ 2019

Season of Creation

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby: “The outlook of climate change is not potentially bad; it is potentially fatal for the most fragile countries and regions on earth...”

Christians Climate and Culture with Katharine Hayhoe

Since the time of Galileo, science and faith have been framed as two opposing, or at best, non-overlapping systems. Skepticism about the effects of climate change—exhibited by many Christians in the U.S.—perpetuates this perceived warfare between science and religion. Mounting scientific evidence clearly documents the risks posed by climate change to the poor, the needy and other vulnerable populations – the very people Christians, and other communities of faith, are called to love. Regrettably, those who deny climate change often believe they are in the right, making a moral stand. Combining basic tenets of the Christian faith with recent findings from the areas of climate science, psychology and sociology, Katharine Hayhoe—a world-renowned climate scientist and an evangelical Christian—will discuss potential reasons for these disagreements and the role that shared values may play in moving us forward past these barriers. This lecture is in part made possible by the Center for Healthy MInds' Loka Initiative, the University of Wisconsin–Madison Lectures Committee, the Center for Religion and Global Citizenry, Upper House and the Outrider Foundation.

ELCA Caring for Creation Today: Pass it on!

The moment is now. The opportunities are many. The resources exist and are expanding. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is responding as stewards of God’s good creation, and we need more #CreationCareAmbassadors to spread enthusiasm and information and help strengthen our response. Learn about what’s happening and how you can make a difference through this webinar hosted by ELCA Advocacy and our ecumenical collaborator, Blessed Tomorrow. Maybe being a #CreationCareAmbassador is for you. Let's pass it on.

The Coronavirus and the Climate Crisis

Caring for Creation: Urgency & Hope

A panel discussion on faith and the environment with these special guests: ​* Rev. Matt Byrd, Pastor, Christ the King Lutheran Church, West Chester, OH (01:42) * Kim Winchell, ​Deacon, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, ​and author of "Awaking to God's Call to Earthkeeping" (04:17) * Donna Pellegrin, ​Director, Youth for Monarchs (17:01) * Phoebe Morad, Executive Director, Lutherans Restoring Creation (30:20) This was recorded on June 12, 2020 and was one of the featured presentations of Monarch Fest 2020.

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Old Growth Forest : Wilderness Walk & Meditation

Together, we will experience some OLD GROWTH forests tucked away near the Lake Superior watershed in Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We will discover mushrooms, colonies of ants in a 200 year old tree, and much more. We open in a breathing exercise to center ourselves and move into a 'virtual' nature walk through the wilderness of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan before closing in communal prayer with a time for each person to share their experience. All are welcome, U.P. Wild is a space welcoming of people from all faith backgrounds. Join us and invite a friend! Resources: Some text adapted from: Nalini Nadkarni, “Between Earth and Sky” / Douglas Wood, “Old Turtle” / Poem by Rochelle Mass, “Waiting for a Message”.