Are you interested in being a Green Shepherd for your Synod?

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What is a Synod-wide LRC Liaison?

As a Synod-wide LRC Liaison, you are the point person for communication between Lutherans Restoring Creation (LRC), Advocacy and Stewardship outreach from the Evangelical Church in America (ELCA), your local ELCA synod staff and any existing green teams/LRC-affiliated congregations and “Friends of LRC” within your synod.  You should maintain and frequently share a digital list of the people who have expressed interest in this ministry at gatherings/assemblies/social media and ensure that LRC can connect them with information from throughout out network. LRC has official software which can maintain the privacy and integrity of the lists (none are shared or sold) and will relay contact information of local leads to you periodically.

Offering a quarterly conference call to connect the “green sheep” in your synod helps maintain interest and gain on momentum. Figure out what manner your existing flock is most interested in using to stay in touch with one another. Creating a Facebook page or Google group can aid in staying connected between calls. Ensuring a group presence at synod events and encouraging gatherings to follow an earth-keeping manner in assembling is another responsibility that you, or a member of your team, is encouraged to take on (and use the MANY templates on the LRC site to follow for an effective workshop).

Your role is to welcome newcomers to your group and ask for help in specific tasks if fundraising or outreach is needed. Also identify whether your synod would benefit from a retreat or training to equip, enlarge and direct more action within the synod or region. Contact Phoebe Morad to work out plans, find facilitators, make connections or just bounce ideas off of: 617-599-2722.