What Can We Do?

AFFIRM: Personally, with your church council, or entire synod, review our ELCA’s 1993 call to action and commit to engaging in steps to live into that calling. Ask your Church Council to consider how Creation Care can fit into the context of your church community. Ask them to watch this introduction to broad ideas with specific stories of where this work intersects with church life.  Sign and submit the Congregational Care-for-Creation Covenant to ensure you are a part of our accountability and celebration network.

ACT TOGETHER:  Reach out to all church members and share the ideas listed specifically for in our kit the area/committee they already work on: Action Plan Ideas for your covenant. Goals without specific people and dates may remain elusive. Use this form and our ELCA network to help make a path.

Use the online version of the Organizing Kit to the right (or below on mobile devices) or download the pdf – Congregational Self-Organizing Kit

Do you want to ask your Synod Leadership to sign a Covenant with Creation too? Find out more here. 

For yourself as an individual, see our Personal Covenant with Creation resources!