What Do We Know About Carbon Pricing and How is it Part of a Just Transition?

We are grateful for the work of Faith Action Team with Citizens’ Climate Lobby and eager to share that a growing number of synods are lifting up policies endorsed by Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL)(See live spreadsheet here of those local efforts.)  These efforts are all within our toolbox to urgently move to a just transition, which will drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. To learn more about the concept and movement watch the May 24, 2022 Connections Call here and explore the links below.

More information & background: 


Conference Resolution Template ELCA Advocacy and Carbon Pricing
(Lutherans Restoring Creation Board of Directors unanimously endorsed an “Advocacy for the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act” template resolution (3/2021)

Synod Assembly Resolution Template ELCA Advocacy and Carbon Pricing