Winter Sowing with the Community

Thanks to Donna Pellegerin for submitting this Good Green News!

At Christ the King Lutheran Church (CtK) in West Chester, Ohio, volunteers are gearing up for one of their favorite annual events: Winter Sowing.

Winter Sowing is a method of growing plants from seed, outside during the winter, using recycled plastic jugs as mini-greenhouses. It’s fun, cheap, easy and anyone can do it. At CtK it is an inter-generational event. Invitations are extended throughout the community and people come from all over the surrounding area to learn the technique in a workshop setting. Seeds and soil are provided by Youth for Monarchs a non-profit organization, born at CtK, that sponsors the event. Participants need only bring clean, empty plastic jugs. The seeds provided are of native plants, chosen for the benefit of local wildlife. Native plants are critical to sustain the biodiversity of God’s beautiful creation, and they go hand in hand with efforts to cool the earth. One cannot be done without the other. Hundreds of the plants grown by volunteers at CtK are given away free to the community at the church’s annual Monarch Fest.

You can learn more details about this ministry by watching this ten minute YouTube video titled, “Sowing Seeds for the Community.”

Donna Pellegrin is a passionate environmentalist, certified Permaculture designer, and director of Youth for Monarchs.